For more than 45 years, we have been supplying carefully selected wide plank floors all over the world. Every plank that is prepared at our family-owned company in Mörkaskog, Småland, has its own personality. Every plank tells its own story, which we then pass on to you.

    It is no wonder that wide planks have become our signature
 – we want natural shapes and forms to take centre stage. Mother Nature is the best designer in the world. We need only to glance out of our windows here in Mörkaskog for confirmation of that fact. It is here that we find inspiration. It is here we feel the joy and pride of craftsmanship. And when you lay a Rappgo floor, you will feel the same.

    Rappgo delivers plank flooring to Scandinavia’s first Gastro Hotel!

    In collaboration with Jonas Lindvall, who has primary responsibility for the hotel’s design and architecture, Rappgo has manufactured plank flooring with an unpretentious design and harmony in its structure and functionality. The inspiration for the floor is based on the cornerstones of Forest, Meadow and Lake, which also represent the gastronomic philosophy that will permeate the hotel.
    Rappgo has produced a white-pigmented oak plank, with local raw materials from heavy forest as the guiding concept. Plank flooring made from Swedish oak is often described as the classic floor, with full justice able to be done to the oak’s coherent tonality and beautiful patterns.


    Rappgo AB will produce flooring that is not detrimental to human health in either interior or exterior environments. We will create conditions for the most economical manufacturing processes possible, based on all available knowledge and experience.
    We will make a critical review of the components that are used in manufacturing from an environmental perspective, and introduce improvements if required.


    It was the 1960s, and Baron Adolf-Fredrik Rappe had come up with an idea for the serial production of plank flooring that was just as compact as parquet flooring; flooring with planks that were just as wide and beautiful as the floor he remembered from his childhood in the playroom at the family’s country house! Shouldn’t it be possible to achieve serial production of plank flooring that was totally stable, without dirt-collecting crevices? Rappgo was founded in 1967, by which time the product idea had been finalised: a wide plank with tongue and groove in three layers, with everything glued together to form a single, stable unit; a beautiful plank floor for people who love wooden flooring and who aren’t satisfied with half-done solutions.
    “If they can make compact parquet flooring then I can make plank flooring that is just as compact”.
    (Adolf-Fredrik Rappe, 1967).


    White Ash
    Douglas Spruce


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